Find Our Products Locally

Our 12″ and 14″ Family Pizza Crusts, Rigatoni, and Linguini can be found at:

Vinnola’s Italian Market, Bakery and Restaurant in Wheat Ridge, CO.

7750 W 38th Ave, Wheat Ridge, Colorado 80033


Visit Vinnola’s website

Sweet Escape Pastries, LLC does not possess a license to sell to the public. You can still gain access to our products through the following avenue.  Many customers are special ordering our pizzas and pastas from Shamrock Foodservice Warehouses.  Those warehouses are open to the public – no license necessary.  There are locations in Denver, Fort Collins, Colorado Springs, and many more (  These locations receive deliveries every day from the main distribution warehouse.  You can order our products in as a “special order”, and then pick it up – just call the warehouse closest to you.  The part numbers are listed below.  

Shamrock Foods APN#

14 inch gluten-free par-baked Pizza Crust



12 inch gluten-free par-baked Pizza Crust



9-10 inch gluten-free par-baked Pizza Crust



6 oz portion gluten-free Fresh Linguini Pasta



6 oz portion gluten-free Fresh Rigatoni Pasta



Please let us know if you need any other help.  If you are out of state, please email us from the Contact Us section on our website to work with you individually.  Shamrock Foods does stock all sizes of pizza crusts and all pastas at the main warehouse.

Hawaiian pizza on the old board.