We want everyone to enjoy our wide selection of products as much as possible! We invite you to browse the page below for recommendations on how to get the most from your Sweet Escape!

All Products are freezer safe for 12 months!

Pizza Crust – making a pizza.

  1. Keep in Freezer until needed.
  2. Use crust frozen, or defrost to room temperature by placing on counter (this product defrosts rather quickly).
  3. Put on desired amount of sauce and toppings.
  4. Bake at 450⁰-500⁰on parchment paper/clean pan for 5-10 minutes- based on amount of sauce and toppings.
  5. Please note the pizza crust is par-baked; therefore, it will cook in half the time of your gluten pizza. Be careful!
  6. If in a wood fired extremely hot oven, place pizza away for heat source, you may only need 90 seconds.


Fresh Pasta

  1. Keep in Freezer until needed.
  2. In rapidly boiling water, cook 3 to 5 minutes; may need less/more time based on your preference of pasta.
  3. Add toppings/sauce and enjoy!



  1. Keep in the Freezer until needed. Hoagies are freezer safe for 12 months.
  2. Defrost in fridge/walk-in cooler overnight (best results). This is faster for kitchen delivery time as you are going from a cold state to heated/hot, instead of frozen to a hot state.
  3. Hoagies can stay in the cooler/fridge for about 3 days without a problem. To begin, place about 2-3 hoagies at a time in the cooler until your following grows. You will know your numbers for dining rushes as time goes on.
  4. GF Bread slices best cold! Slice Hoagies while it is still cold (easier to slice than when warm/hot).
  5. Heat in an oven/microwave to desired temperature. If microwave start at 30 secs, then add 15 secs at time to desired warmth.
  6. Please note: if you microwave the Hoagies, condensation can form and make the bread a little more moist than expected as defrost occurred too quickly. Toast in oven or toaster oven to remove extra moistness if needed.
  7. After 3 days, if Hoagies still in cooler, then rotate them back to freezer. Pull out new Hoagies to defrost.

*** Any product that defrosts during travel can be safely re-frozen without harm to it. Please watch not to freeze and defrost, and then re-freeze too many times.